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Habit Control: know how to master and overcome temptation

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What is a habit? It’s what you repeatedly do.

All habits are helpful – they serve a purpose.

Your habits are formed as shortcuts (learned behaviours). One habit you probably have is knowing how to pick something up with your fingers. You don’t need to think about each movement involved: opening your fingers, putting them around the object, closing them firmly (or loosely) and then lifting. You automatically know what to do and how to do it.

Without even thinking.  Continue reading Habit Control: know how to master and overcome temptation

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Learning from your failure and mistakes

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When you are afraid of learning from your failure and mistakes, you stay within your comfort zone – where you already know what you need to know to survive. What you want – and don’t have – is not within your comfort zone.

How do I know?
Because you don’t already have it!
If you knew everything you needed to know already to get it – you would have achieved it. Continue reading Learning from your failure and mistakes