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After more than 20 years of asking questions that made others uncomfortable and holding myself out as a problem solver, providing others with security and directing them how to achieve this, I finally took the plunge of changing careers! In 2018 I made the radical change from corporate lawyer to mBIT certified coach.

Now I’ve started a career in which I ask questions that sometimes make others uncomfortable and help them solve problems, providing them with security and direction.

While the transition from lawyer to life coach – mBIT coach, specifically – has not been without its challenges, it wasn’t until I accepted that I had more than 20 years experience of active listening, difficult conversations, and asking the questions that no one dares to ask, that I got over the “imposter syndrome” of thinking I might be a great coach!

Part of the challenge lay with preparation.  See, for being a lawyer I had 5 years of law school in New Zealand, plus three more years of law school in Panama (in Spanish, with the Napoleonic system, rather than the Common Law legal system), and two Masters Degrees!  Overqualified? Perhaps a little.  But confident in my knowledge.

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Imposter Syndrome

And what do I have that comes close in coaching?

Untold courses in leadership development, human resources and staff management, mentoring, and neuro-linguistic programming (which, by the way, I studied for the purpose of using in negotiations as a lawyer, not for coaching).

Even when I first started all my coaching courses, it was simply for the purpose of being a better boss, a more empathic leader, and honing my skills in difficult conversations.  I spent hours learning more about time management and organisation: mastering personal priorities and getting things done! I specialised in non-violent communication and other active listening skills.  These were all under the misguided impression that they would help me get over my irritability (exacerbated by Celiac Disease).

While it’s possibly true that I have spent much more time and money in my personal development and coaching than I probably did in my law degrees (or at least close to), I don’t have the post-graduate diplomas adorning the wall the same way.  In part, because I didn’t actually think they were important at the time. There are countless courses that I threw the certifications in the trash when finished. I went to learn, not to get the piece of paper!

They were simply part of my self-development as a leader and lawyer.

What changed?

mBraining & mBIT – multiple brain integration techniques

mBIT, professional certified coach, mBraining, I went to do another course in coaching and personal development – in a way, having no idea what I had signed up for! Of course, I flew all the way to London to do it, but that was beside the point!

mBraining, however, was much more than just a coaching course.  It far outshone all the work and study I had done in ontological coaching and even everything that I knew about NLP.

mBraining is all about reaching a place of total alignment – it’s not just about better planning, or getting your mindset straight… it’s not about therapy and your feelings.  It’s not motivational talks or making vision boards.

mBraining BethGray, life coach, diet, yo yo dieting, weight loss, transformation, transform,takes you to a totally new place – one where you take everything that you are – your thoughts, definitions, imagination – your feelings, desires, wants, and hopes – your fears, needs, self-preservation and deepest core identity – and challenges you to align all of this within your body and more.

For me… everything fell into place!  All the time and money that I had spent on self-development, coaching, NLP… was leading up to this moment!  It wasn’t about becoming a better lawyer – it was about becoming more than I had ever been before.

Human Becomings

We are not simply human beings – we are human becomings.  Sometimes, this means embracing who you can become, not just who you already are – daring to step out of my comfort zone in order to help others live far beyond their comfort zones.

After completing my mBraining Coach Certification, I found myself at a crossroads.  I sat down with my head, heart and gut, and we had some serious conversations about creativity, compassion and courage.  We talked about thoughts, feelings and needs. What did I imagine, what did I desire and what did I identify with?

And the challenge was to release everything I knew and had done for the past 20 years and build something completely new.  From scratch.  In a new field. In a completely different era from the one in which I had built my law firm and law practice!


mBIT, Ho’oponopono & EFT: some of the techniques I use

Introductory Call
Free 30-min call. Are we a good fit?

Introductory Call

Stuck? Need a breakthrough on a specific area of your life?


Making Space
Release and let go using mBIT, Ho’oponopono & EFT.

Letting Go

Inner Energy
Ditch the diet & face the feelings. What are you hungry for?

Inner Energy

Take that picture-perfect life from surviving to thriving!


Monthly maintenance
Customised packages to keep you at the highest expression of inner wisdom.

Transformation & change

If you are looking to change any part of your life – I know it’s going to have its challenges.

Nonetheless, the only person that will change your life is you!

  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How will you get it?

What do you want to have? be? do? create? Who are you becoming?

As I coach, my role is to provide you with wisdom, guidance, empowerment & accountability.  I will provide you with tools to help you identify what is important to you.  I ask uncomfortable questions, that make you rethink what you believe.

bluedotsI’ve taken the ten years of learning and training in coaching, mentoring, time management, meditation, mindfulness, leadership transformation, NLP, mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques), & spiritual growth – and turned it into a program that others can benefit from as well.  Even the skills that I learnt in Waikato law school (New Zealand), ADR (alternative dispute resolution) & active listening — learning how to ask the right questions — were 20 years of training grounds for sharpening my intuition and skills for helping others.

How can I help you realise your dreams?

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