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mBIT coach: learning to live in alignment with mBraining

As a life coach, I focus on your inner well-being: energy & vitality, inner wisdom and mastering your self-awareness and how you respond to people, events and your situation. Being an mBIT coach, I focus on living with authenticity through aligning the many parts of you so that you can generate a new level of wisdom:

  • feelings & emotions;
  • wants & desires;
  • priorities and what is important to you;
  • your relationships and connection with others;
  • what you think as you analyse and plan rationally;
  • the meaning your make of situations and stories you tell yourself;
  • your creativity and ability to think outside the box;
  • your identity and who you are becoming;
  • your boundaries and need for safety and security;  and
  • your motivation and moving forward, taking coherent and courageous action.

An mBIT Coach works with your three intelligence centres: head, heart and gut.

You are not “a head-on-a-stick” and just an analytical mind processing data and information. Instead, you probably have heart-felt desires and emotions. You might also rely on your gut instincts and gut feelings that let you know when to stop or be cautious.

As an mBIT Coach, I help you hear your Inner Wisdom.

Inner Wisdom is generated and evolves as you learn to go within and listen to what you already know, feel and have experienced.

You can live with much greater self-confidence when you feel confident that your choices and decision-making align not only with what you think you “should do” but also listen to your heart’s desires and feelings and consider your meaningful relationships. This inner wisdom is compassionate, not only towards others but also yourself.

Equally important, this inner wisdom listens to your needs for safety and security while choosing to take risks. How do you establish firm boundaries and yet expand your comfort zone with growth?

The many applications of mBraining in life:

As an mBIT Coach, I work with clients on their inner alignment in the following areas:

  1. Self-awareness – recognising patterns and habits;
  2. State management & self-control – emotional intelligence and managing your responses; choosing to stay calm and directing your energy, focus and attention where it’s most beneficial to you;
  3. Honing and evolving your intuition;
  4. Building healthy relationships by focusing on how you are relating to others;
  5. Overcoming procrastination through courage, motivation & taking action;
  6. Decision-making and planning;
  7. Problem-solving and thinking outside the box;
  8. Overcoming compulsions and building new habits;
  9. Health and Wellbeing.

All of this happens “from the inside out”. We will focus on your inner well-being and aligning your head, heart and gut to live life authentically.

Find out more about mBraining:

I sat down with my head, heart and gut, and we had some serious conversations about creativity, compassion and courage.  We talked about thoughts, feelings and needs. What did I imagine, what did I desire and what did I identify with?