Client reviews: what clients say about working with Beth

Find client reviews on my Facebook page: Beth Gray Coach. Here I share a couple of them so that you get an idea of the results clients achieve working with me.

These reviews ignore the work I have done over the past ten years with lawyers and staff that I coached and mentored in my law practice. It also does not reflect those that I have worked with as a volunteer in my community since 2013.

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The following are a selection of client reviews, grouped according to the type of work done with the client:

Breakthrough Sessions client reviews:

breakthrough sessions, getting clarity, creating a plan for the future

Inner energy – breakthrough session – talking about eating!

October 2018:

Various breakthrough sessions, each on a different topíc:

October 2018:

customer review, coaching sessions, breakthrough sessions

October 2018:

client reviews, coaching sessions, breakthrough, overcoming hurt and pain, release,

Want more information about what a breakthrough session entails?


Client reviews: forgiveness and release

How do I use Ho’oponopono in a coaching session for release and letting go?

Ho'oponopono, forgiveness and release, letting go of the past, freedom techniques, learning to let go, generational trauma, working through emotional trauma, dealing with PTSD

September 2018:

Client reviews Taking Stock of Your Life questionnaire and then a Ho’oponopono session:

client reviews, ho'oponopono, forgiveness, lift, weight


Letting Go

3-month Coaching Package

January 23, 2020

client review, coaching review, coaching packages, coaching sessions, life coach

October 31, 2019

Customer review, client reviews, customer opinions, feedback, coaching services

client feedback

Are you looking for coaching to feel in control of your life and decision-making? I offer 3-month and 6-month coaching packages, which allow you time to put into practice what they discover in the coaching session. Then, we talk about the obstacles and challenges encountered and explore steps for overcoming them. There is also enough time to discuss opportunities that arise.

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Long-term coaching relationship:

November 2018:

client reviews, long-term client relationship, coaching services

Are you looking to connect to your inner whispers of wisdom? How can you tap into that inner energy that each one of us has?

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Disclaimer: with Wendy, I have worked in peer-to-peer coaching from May 2018, through to October 2019.

Our group also included Sarah Whalen. I owe a debt of gratitude to both these coaches. They provided me with insight and feedback, allowing me to grow with them. They held me accountable as well as challenging me to become a better coach. 

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4. Sign the Coaching Contract.
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6. Set up your appointment(s), up to a maximum of 6.

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