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Book club: why not join me? What are you reading?

Allow me to invite you to join my book club on Facebook. We actually meet online, through Zoom, typically on a weekly basis. Additionally, in the Facebook group, I add weekly prompts and questions for discussion in case you were unable to make the weekly get together.

Radical Forgiveness, forgive yourself, forgive others, healing, learning, book club, bookclub, free give awayRadical Forgiveness bookclub: how to do the inner healing

Why a book club?

My personal experience over the past fifteen years is that I read a lot of books, most of which I failed to internalise. I felt good, because I had learned something. But my behaviour never changed! I failed to improve and change my habits.

In the book club, we do more than read a book. Each week we discuss what we read and how it applies to life.

  • What changes are we making as a result of what we learned?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • Where are you falling behind?

This is a great opportunity to talk to each other, without a formal setting. It is not a mastermind or coaching, although some of that might happen.

What are we reading at the moment?

Radical Forgiveness, Colin Tipping, book club, bookclub, learning, growth, change, letting go, release

You will need to read 3 chapters each week and join the Facebook group so that you can participate in our weekly accountability and discovery calls!

Topics include:

  • healing
  • accountability
  • attraction and resonance
  • cause and effect
  • transforming the victim archetype
  • as above, so below
  • feeling the pain

and so much more!

The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk, book club

We are just finishing up “The Body Keeps the Score”. Admittedly, this wasn’t a book for everyone – it’s deep into trauma and healing! Technical. But so insightful. I’ve loved it.

This book has dipped deeply into neuroscience and different scientific studies, along with practical solutions. How much time do you spend in your head? Are you living “in your body” or just “in your mind”?

Perhaps, most importantly, at this moment in time:

 It’s Free!  

Your cost is the cost of the book – whether you choose to get the book online, order it second-hand, borrow it from the library or get an audio version of the book.

It will also cost you time – the investment of time you spend reading or listening to it and the time you spend each week on the call!

So, while I am not charging for this – nothing in life is absolutely free! You still have an investment to make.

I look forward to meeting you as you join us on Facebook and the weekly calls!

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