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Unbound: a 14-session journey to empowerment

Restarting November 1, 2021 – Beth & Vikki will take you on a 14-session journey through “Unbound: a woman’s guide to power”. This is more than a book club. We go beyond sharing insights from what we’ve read into sharing experiences by doing activities together that evolve us to stand in our own power.

  • Do you feel you’re too much yet not enough?

  • How can you feel good and mad yet reluctant to speak up?

  • What causes you to freeze at critical moments?

We experience together exploring and growing as women during each session. Each week we will all commit to reading a certain amount of the book in preparation for sharing an exercise on our calls.

We will hold a safe space within this group to share insights, memories raised, questions and those moments of reading that revealed blinding flashes of the obvious. Together we can hold space as you rage, cry, laugh and dance in your evolving power.

unbound, a woman's guide to power, your personal journey, impossible, outrageous, unimaginable

This course is now CLOSED!

Your guides:

Beth Gray, coach, mBIT Coach, your guides
Beth helps you discover thriving through authenticity! I’ve already done the breakdown to break through! And while rock bottom is very much a firm foundation on which to build solidly – I learned the hard way to stop digging!

Wisdom might come from experience and experience comes from making mistakes – but you can learn from other people’s mistakes! You don’t have to make them all yourself. Perhaps living your best life means “screw the rules” (or as I advocate “ditch the diet” & other people’s expectations!). Face those feelings of dissatisfaction that rob you of joy! When you discover your voice and master your emotions and mindset, you will finally feel empowered to live life on your terms. The best version of yourself comes to light – it was always there, but perhaps you forgot your purpose and passions.

Vikki  is a woman who has stumbled, soared, raged, hidden, laughed, loved, grieved, fought and finally surrendered into trust in her Self and the Universe through her 5 decades of life-ing. To live from her own sovereign power as a woman of wisdom and grace has included deep diving into who she fully is as a woman, forgiving her Self and others for all the growing pains she has experienced, celebrating her connections with Spirit and other human becomings. Vikki embraces her own evolving and sets waymarkers by holding space for others whilst they journey in their own way.

Vikki Coombes

“Unbound is a how-to guide to do the impossible, the outrageous, the unimaginable”

(A Woman’s Guide to Power: Unbound)

Our first session exploring UNBOUND together is coming up on Wednesday, October 6, at 8 pm UK time.

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