Think and Grow Rich for Women: Book Club

I am finishing up 2022 with one of the books to-be-read list: Think and Grow Rich for Women, by Sharon Lechter. This is a re-write of Napoleon Hill’s classic, focused on a more feminine approach to his principles.

Think and Grow Rich for Women, Sharon Lechter, book club
What I love about this book is that she approaches life from the same principle that I do: forget “work-life balance” and strive to build “one big life”. This is why I’m reading this book!

Another reason I’m interested in this book is seeing her approach to “morning pages” (much like Julia Cameron recommends in The Artist’s Way). This is one of the essentials of the original Think and Grow Rich, although Hill focuses the morning pages on writing about your goals and dreams rather than the free-flow that Julia Cameron recommends.

Finally, I’m curious about Lechter’s take on Masterminds and how women “build their village”. What suggestions does she offer for networking and creating an inner circle of trusted advisers?

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Think and Grow Rich for Women: two options (Tuesdays & Fridays)

We start at the end of August/beginning of September, and you should prepare by reading (or listening to) the book’s first two chapters. There are two times available:

  • Tuesday evenings (Wednesday morning in Australia/New Zealand)
  • Friday mornings (afternoon in the UK)
Option 1 – Tuesday evenings, 6 pm EST.

life coaching packages, free resources, Think and Grow Rich for Women, book club, Using your power to create success and significance, Sharon Lechter, Napoleon Hill, book club, Tuesday evenings

Option 2 – Friday mornings, 10.00 am EST

Think and Grow Rich for Women, Sharon Lechter, Book Club, Friday mornings, starting at the end of August

Full details on these events are available in the Book Club Facebook group:

What you need to know about book club:

  • Read the chapters (or listen to them) in advance of the weekly meeting.
  • As much as possible, do the exercises for the chapters – because our discussions will centre on the “doing”, rather than “head knowledge.” Learning happens through putting what you read into practice!
  • Calls are on Zoom, and discussions are not recorded to ensure participants have privacy and intimacy to open up.
  • Groups are small – usually no more than 6 people.
  • This is not group coaching or an offer for online coaching as a group. It is social learning as we discuss the book, the exercises and how you are doing as you advance through the book.
  • We often discuss unread books from my reading list as I fulfil my journey towards mastery & personal development! On the other hand, we are re-reading books I have read several times, as I recognise that I have grown, and it’s time to revisit to learn new lessons.

In this particular case, I have read the original Napoleon Hill book several times, but it’s my first time reading Sharon Lechter’s version.

Join the Facebook Group for the Zoom link and to get more resources and support.

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