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Courses and Free Resources

Currently, I am only offering online live (group) courses, which are transformational discussion groups on specific topics.

Courses on offer:

In July we’re starting a new book club – that’s open to anyone who would like this opportunity to get to know me and some of the work I do!

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I will be launching an introduction to Ditch the Diet & Face the Feelings shortly. This introduction is a 28-day online course, and in it, you can learn the basics of how to get in touch with your feelings for a bodily experience of eating.

My intention:

I set up my online courses to introduce you to strategies that impact and empower your life. It’s more than just learning about yourself: it’s understanding your potential and acting upon it! Self-improvement and goal-setting are essential: but you also have to transform at a fundamental level. Doing the inner work: how do you see yourself?

I hope to impact your life at nine fundamental levels:

  • Your feelings & emotions – allowing you to learn vulnerability and the strength of being open
  • Your relationships – how do you relate to yourself and others
  • Values & priorities – what is important to you, and how this reflects what you think, what you do, and in your relationships?
  • Perception – how do you see yourself and the world around you?
  • Thinking & mindset – how can I impact your creativity to create the life you want to have?
  • Making meaning – what meaning are you attaching to events and situations? How can we make this more effective in mastering your life?
  • Motivation & moving forward – how do we move from wants & desires into planning & goal-setting and then dive fully into making it happen?
  • Self-preservation & security – making sure that you have an inner sense of safety and security within yourself every step of the way, even when you expand your comfort zone.
  • Identity – the most fundamental of all changes: embracing who you are!

Free Resources you can find here:

And, of course, there’s the blog!

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