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Spirit: refueling your inner energy and vitality with passion

If I make it through this week, things will get better!
I have to hold it together and keep on keeping on. 

Is that what you keep telling yourself while life feels meaningless and without purpose? What happened to the spirit, energy and vitality that fueled your passion for life?

Somehow, while doing all the right things and crossing things off your to-do list, life lost its meaning.

Spirit whispers: the answers you are looking for are within.

Your well-being is an inside job: you won’t find it by adding more activities to your to-do list.

root bound, time to be replanted, outgrowing your environment, need new adventures

Think of yourself like a pot plant that has become root-bound.

It’s arid because you’ve outgrown the space you’re in. No amount of self-care routines and watering will suffice.

It’s time to get repotted!

When a plant fails to thrive, we change the environment. How about you allow yourself to make some changes to your environment that allow you to thrive?

What is your spirit whispering that you have ignored? Where’s the next step in your life journey leading?

It’s time to step up and step out!

Listen to your spirit to fuel your passion for life! 

It’s time to leave this plateau: you’ve already mined all the resources here! It feels dry and empty because you are itching to grow into a new space.

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Together, we’ll explore the next right step forward for you!

Over the next three months, we’ll do coaching sessions and home-play exercises.

How we tap into your spirit for energy and vitality:

Purpose, passion & priorities:

Put you in the driver’s seat
Who is making the rules that you live by? When did you delegate the power to rule your life to others and your circumstances? Let’s look at the rules you live by and who you try to please. Then, you get to choose: will you continue to live by these rules, or do you want to make some changes?
What purpose calls your spirit?
All of us feel a calling and desire to have an impact on the world. That world might be as small as our immediate family or as large as the city or country you live in. What purpose are you called to fulfil here and now?
What is that next right step forward that gives you meaning? 
Time and priorities
Some people work incredibly well with time management systems. Others with to-do lists and prioritising. But some of us do best when we have a structure that allows us to focus our energy and attention. Let’s design the best system that works for you.

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Values and the least you will accept:

Identify your values
What’s important to you? Often, that feeling of emptiness is because how you live your life does not align with what you hold dear. Your priorities and schedule do not reflect your values. Then, you choose what changes align with your values and what’s important.
Define satisficing standards of life
What are your minimum standards for health and well-being, for time with family and friends, for hobbies or personal development? At what stage do you begin to notice you feel less than whole because one area of life is being ignored? Let’s define your minimums for holistic living.

Relationships & Boundaries:

Build your inner circle & support network
Who fills your cup and supports your hopes and dreams? We’ll intentionally look at your friends, family and professional network and consider where you can build support for your purpose and the impact you want to have on the world.
Delegating, outsourcing and saying no
Do you really have to do it all? Yourself? Can someone else do it? Change your mantra to “I give the best of me, not the rest of me.” You must let go of something to make space for energy and vitality. It’s always your choice

You go within to find the answers before changing your environment in response to your needs. But don’t make changes for the sake of change; instead, implement changes with the calm certainty that this is a step in the right direction.

When we’re done, you’ll have a new lease on life.

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