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Vitality: discover a life of energy, passion and purpose

Most of us hunger for vitality and meaning in our lives!

You won’t find it in other people’s rules, diets and expectations!

The world we live in insists that success comes through staying busy, hustling, and turning our hobbies into online Etsy shops. Our “new normal” includes words and phrases of “quiet quitting”, chronic illness and fatigue, and burnout. It’s in the world around us as impersonal statistics for depression, heart attacks, and health challenges.

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Ditch the diet and the hustle: could you listen?

Originally this program was “ditch the diet & face the feelings” until I realised that people aren’t just addicted to food to fill the void and assuage their hunger. Some of us are addicted to exercise and rigorous workouts, while others are workaholics. We don’t just fill the emptiness in our life with emotional eating.

Our hunger for vitality and meaning sends us into overdrive in many ways!

Some of us cram ourselves with food – others cram their existence with work, escapism, hustle and entrepreneurship, and living in overdrive. We go from a regimented diet to chaos and loss of control. Until it’s all too much and the mind, heart or body says “no more”. 

Then, your life is turned upside down as you go from full throttle to stalled, falling into an abyss of having no energy or vitality.

I’d much rather catch you at full throttle than wait for you to fall into the abyss!

Whether you’re sick and tired of another failed diet and want to learn to face your feelings, or you’re exhausted from the treadmill and expectations you have placed on yourself, let me guide you on the journey to learning to listen. 

Discover your definition of success and purpose.

Are you truly happy and living your dream? Who defined the dream and the meaning of success? Who gets to make the rules that you live by?

If you’re feeling empty inside rather than living authentically, it’s probably time to take stock of your life and examine what’s important to you.

To recover your vitality and joie de vivre, you must discover your passion and purpose. These cannot be found in rules, diets and expectations!

Getting busier and adding more to the to-do list will not satisfy you.

Instead, let’s slow down and go within: discover your passion and purpose. 

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Vitality – well-being is an inside job!

The answers you are looking for are within: you already have them if you would listen to your heart’s inner whispers, quieten the inner critic of the mind, and allow that deep sense of self to speak up.

  • Listen to your heart.
  • Pay attention to your gut instinct.
  • Notice what your body has been whispering all this time.
  • Listen to your soul and that small, still voice of calm.
  • Clear all the mental chatter and find clarity for planning and envisioning.

Your path to flourish and thrive is found in your inner wisdom, not extrinsic measurements of success.

vitality, your definition of success, how you define happiness, purpose, passion, motivation and drive, living with authenticity, an authentic life, what are you hungering forMake sure your ladder of success is leaning on the right wall!

Working with me will boost your self-confidence and motivation because you’ll know you are living authentically!

Together we can achieve the following:

  • Identify what’s truly important to you:
    • health & fitness
    • relationships
    • career and professional development
    • finances
    • personal growth, learning and development
    • spiritual
    • community
    • environment and lifestyle
    • fun, hobbies and recreation
  • Write your definition and formula for success
    • Focus on your purpose and passions
    • Make space and time for what is truly important
    • Balance short and long-term goals and dreams
  • Build stronger relationships and a network that supports you
  • Re-energise your life by clearing the clutter for you to focus on what you authentically want

When you live authentically, you allow yourself to focus your time and energy on impacting the world in your unique way.

Are you ready to start this journey? 

Discover your purpose and passion for more vitality

Before you burn out from exhaustion and disenchantment, let’s discover balance and alignment. Let’s focus your energy and lifestyle on living authentically, according to your rules and what matters most.

  • We’ll ditch the diet and discover what you are hungering for in life. How about you get your fill of life? 
  • We’ll examine where you are throwing all your energy, whether you perform on your stage or if your exhaustion comes from living on stages others built for you.
  • At the same time, we’ll consider your inner circle and support network to ensure that you receive as much as you give. Are the people you have chosen to invest your time and energy in aligned with your purpose and building your dreams?
  • We’ll consider what energises you and make room for you to step away from those activities that suck the life out of you.

This three-month coaching program allows you to learn to listen to your heart and pay greater attention to your gut, as well as learn to quieten the mind.

Once you’ve learned to listen, we will explore what compassion, creativity and courage would look like in your life, pursuing your purpose and the impact you want to have in your world.

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