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I believe that the greatest gift I can give to others in my coaching packages is to experience life richly – on all levels. It’s not about having a work-life balance – it’s enjoying all of life, including your work.
If you already knew how to do this, you would have made the changes by now.

What is the cost of staying where you are?

What happens when you fail to step up and out of your current situation?

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Customer Reviews?

Not ready to jump on a call with me? Why don’t you read some reviews of others who have already been coached by Beth Gray and what they have to say about their experience with different coaching packages? You can also find much more information about me and my coaching practice on my Facebook page.

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I offer a number of individual coaching sessions as well as coaching packages. The following is a summary of what it will cost you to get the benefits and results you are looking for. Weigh these up against staying stuck. What is it costing you each day, month or year that you fail to thrive?

Coaching packages:

Introductory Call
Free 30-min call.
No cost.

Introductory Call

Letting Go
Make space with a 60-minute lesson in forgiveness & release. USD$250.00

Letting Go

Get a Breakthrough
90-120 minutes breakthrough session. USD$400.00


3-month package
Building awareness, making changes, and learning to live a new way! Up to 15 hours of coaching, in 30 sessions. USD$3,500.00


6-month package
Not just finding the path ahead, but facing the challenges & obstacles. Up to 30 coaching hours, over 6 months.   USD$6,500.00


Monthly maintenance
To be determined. 

Terms & Conditions, Coaching Contract & other details

Here are some important details that you need to know (you know, because I first my spent 20-plus-years of professional life as a lawyer, and it hasn’t finished rubbing off me yet!):

  1. You will be asked to accept my Coaching Terms & Conditions when you go to make payment. You might consider reading them before clicking acceptance.
  2. I do ask all my clients to sign a Coaching Agreement. For this, however, I need your personal details. Typically, I have an introductory call with the client, and on that call, I ask you all the details I need to complete the Coaching Agreement. If you prefer, you can complete these below. You should still grab the free Introductory Call anyway.
  3. You pay either vía PayPal or by Stripe, in advance. For the 3-month and the 6-month packages, there is an option to make payments (up to a maximum of 3) for both packages. Scheduled payments are made through PayPal. Stripe does not have an option for scheduling payments.

Introductory Call

Preparing your Contract

This is the information that I need to complete your Coaching Contract


Have you completed questionnaire "Taking Stock of your Life" & had your Introductory Call?

What type of coaching service?

How will you be paying?

What date do you expect the contract to start by?

Your full name

Your address: Street, City, State/Province, Zip Code, Country

Phone number(s)

To be completed in the coaching contract, but start thinking about this now: 

The results/outcomes/goals that the Client has established are:

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions so I can prepare and email to you the Coaching Contract.
Please set up a date & time for the Introductory Call. Once we've completed the above steps, you can go ahead and pay for the Coaching via PayPal, Stripe or sending me the funds directly to my account.


Client intake process:

1. Complete the online questionnaire: Taking Stock of your Life.

2. Hop on an Introductory Call – 30 minutes.
3. Review the Coaching Terms & Conditions.

4. Sign the Coaching Contract.
5. Make your payment via PayPal or Stripe.

6. Set up your appointment(s), up to a maximum of 6.
Free online questionnaire:
I hope you’ve taken advantage already of the questionnaire: “Taking Stock of Your Life“!  If not, I’m going to recommend that you do it before you we have our Introductory call – because some of the questions that I will ask presuppose you’ve done a little work prior to our call. Alternatively, if you are pushed for time, do the short version of the Life Wheel.

Complete your details (name & email) and press submit in order to download the Taking Stock of Your Life in PDF format - TakeStockPDF