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A breakthrough session is typically a 90 to 120-minute intensive coaching session dedicated to one specific area or challenge in your life that you want to address.  This is usually just a one-off session – specific to any one of the following scenarios:

  • goal setting,
  • procrastination,
  • time management or setting priorities,
  • managing a crisis or conflict situation,
  • a situation in a relationship or your career,
  • gain clarity on a specific course of action,
  • dealing with indecision or self-sabotage,
  • walking through a decision-making process, or
  • preparing for an event or crucial conversation.

This is not something to approach lightly, as we will dive in deep – laser-focused attention – in which we look at the underlying feelings, beliefs and memories that may be attached to this one matter.

For example, you know there’s “a problem” or a struggle — it could be: you have a goal that you really desire, that you are passionate about, but you are not achieving it.  Often, the answer often lies within your subconscious – if you were conscious of it, you would already have addressed it!

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What will we do?

Initially, we will set an intention for the session:

  • identifying the matter at hand
  • specifying the desired result and
  • noticing any known obstacles or blocks that arise.

During this session, we will work exclusively on that one issue – that intention set at the beginning.

As a result, we will dive deep into the obstacles, the thought patterns, and habits that may have served you in the past to survive. However, as you have discovered, they are not helping you in this new endeavour.

What do you need to change in order to achieve the results that you now want in your life or this situation?

Layers of the breakthrough:

It is quite possible that during this session we will look at removing layers of negative emotions or thought patterns and mindsets you have about this particular matter.  You will have to have a look at the real problem that lies below the surface –

  • what is this really about?
  • how do I truly feel?
  • what is holding me back?
  • where am I stuck and what keeps me stuck on this issue?

Additionally, it may be necessary to release and let go of some thoughts or feelings. If so, we will detach and make space to choose a new way of being, thinking and feeling.  This, in turn, will allow you to choose new actions, in order to get different results.

At the end of the session, you will walk away with a clearly identified action plan – something for you to go away and execute that will lead you to different results from those you have been having so far.

Results from this breakthrough session:

You will know what your new definition of success in this matter looks like. How will you feel when you achieved it?  And why you most deeply desire this.

You will also have identified: “What will you commit to consistently doing?” Furthermore, what will be your new habitual lifestyle in this particular area?

And, because of all of this, you will feel a shift in your way of thinking, feeling and actions around obtaining this result.


To prepare yourself for this session, please answer the following questions (you will receive the answers in your email). Additionally, consider having a copy of this on hand for the breakthrough session.

These questions will help us to prepare for the Breakthrough Session.

From the Life Balance Quiz, what was the area of your life that stood out the most to you?

Why did this area stand out so much to you?

What would be a successful outcome of this breakthrough session?

What price are you committed to paying to achieve this (ie what committed actions are you willing to take?)?

What initial obstacles have you identified as standing in the way of the successful outcome you are looking for?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most important), how important is achieving this for you?


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Breakthrough Session – Payment Options

This payment is made in advance of our Breakthrough session.  Ideally, you will already have taken advantage of a complimentary Introductory Call with me, to have clear expectations of the session, as well as to come adequately prepared to the session.

Adequate preparation means:

  1. You completed the questions of Taking Stock of my Life (either online or in the PDF), and now have clarity regarding the specific area of your life you want to get coached on in the session; and
  2. You completed the above questions which are specific to the breakthrough session.

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