Coaching Packages: Types of services

The beautiful thing about mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) is that they can be used in any coaching session: life coaching, business coaching and especially in heart-centred leadership. While I have more than twenty years of business experience, having been a corporate lawyer advising in tax and corporate governance, my clients rely on my holistic view of life.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

So, whether you are:

  • a professional that is struggling with work-life balance as you make a career move or starting a family,
  • a professional that is headed towards burnout if you don’t make some radical changes in how you are balancing your responsibilities in life,
  • an entrepreneur that has neglected their well-being for the past twenty or thirty years as they’ve built their business,
  • a successful business owner that is looking to transition into retirement or
  • even a home-maker that has suddenly discovered that you don’t know who you are anymore, now that you have an empty nest;

My focus will be on success in your life.

What is your definition of success at this moment in your life and how can we make that happen for you? We will be very firmly rooted in the present, and what is, as we work to build towards the future of what you dream and desire it to become.

Suggestions for getting started:

If you haven’t spoken with me before, can I suggest you ask for an Introductory Call to kick things off? It’s a short call to see whether or not we might work together well: am I the right fit for your wants, desires and needs? This call will be a conversation, not a coaching session, but it will include a brief experience of the type of session that we would typically have.

Some clients want a one-off breakthrough session. Others are looking for Ho’oponopono – forgiveness & letting go of beliefs, pain & baggage. I do incorporate both of these types of sessions in my coaching packages (as thing come up), but they are also available to the client in single sessions.

Most of my clients, however, sign up for either the 3-month package (9 sessions )or 6-month package (14 sessions). These programs include journal prompts, meditation suggestions, participation in the book club (optional) and access to me regularly throughout the week on messenger, WhatsApp or MarcoPolo.

My appointment


Coaching Services

Introductory Call
Free 30-min call. Expectations – what coaching are you are looking for, what do I offer – will you receive the value you are looking for? Are we a good fit?

Introductory Call

Stuck? Need a breakthrough on a specific area of your life? Create an opportunity to shift and overcome a particular obstacle.


Making Space
In order to make space for the new – we need to release and let go of limiting beliefs & baggage.  We’ll use mBIT, Ho’oponopono & EFT for letting go.

Letting Go

Inner Energy
Tap into your motivation & inner energy: daring to live a diet free life. What are you hungry for? What does your ideal “you” look like? Could be a 3-month or 6-month package.

Inner Energy

What would it mean for you to “thrive”? From the outside, it might look like a picture-perfect life, but that’s no necessarily how it feels to you. How do you show up as the perfect potential of who you know you can be? Could be a 3-month or 6-month package.


Monthly maintenance
These packages are available for clients that have already done 3-month or 6-month packages. We can arrange a customised follow up package to ensure you continue to live at the highest expression of inner wisdom.

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Interested in reading client reviews of working with me? You can either read all of them on my Facebook page or simply click below.

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Do you need more information regarding the packages and prices I offer?

Introductory Call

Payment options for coaching:

I accept payment via PayPal, Stripe (credit card processing) or wire transfer directly to my account. We can discuss the easiest option for you, including the possibility of scheduled payments in the case you opt for a coaching package of three or six months.

My Calendar:

When you go to Appointments, you will see my full calendar of availability for the next few months. As I become aware of commitments, I add these to my calendar and time is blocked off as unavailable. This means that I very rarely need to reschedule with a client.

Typically, you will see that the first week of every month has limited availability, as I keep that week free for travel, seminars and training opportunities.

I suggest you have a look at the times that I typically have available for client appointments before you proceed with payment. This is one reason I recommend clients have an Introductory Call. That way you ensure that the times I have available for regular calls work for your schedule and time zone.

Invitation to join me:

I run a book club, where we regularly are reading and commenting together from the book we are discussing. Some coaching inevitably happens in the weekly meetings (on Zoom) as we discuss what we learnt and how we are applying this in our life. This is a great opportunity to get to know me better and experience my coaching style.