Coaching Packages: vitality, purpose, wisdom and life mastery

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How you do anything is how you do everything.

As an inner life coach, I’m focused on you living authentically aligned with your thoughts, feelings, actions and body. My coaching programs create greater self-awareness that brings about change, decision-making and action-taking. The change happens from the inside out.

I want you to focus on your vitality, inner wisdom and mastery!

Inner Life Coaching

Most clients are looking for that missing piece that gives life meaning. They might seem to have a picture-perfect life – yet it feels arid and dry.

I invite you to look within to bring the zing back to your life. What part have you ignored on the road to success?

Together, we look at:

  • your heart’s desires, values, priorities and what is essential to you;
  • emotions and feelings;
  • relationships with others, yourself and even with the Divine/God/Universe;
  • perceptions and points of view;
  • thinking, analysis and planning;
  • how you make meaning of it all;
  • identity and core self;
  • safety and security, including your gut feelings; and
  • motivation and movement forward.

Feeling complete means acknowledging all parts of you: mind, heart, body and soul.

It’s not about creating a work-life balance, but rather creating a life that is worth working for!

Some say that we are constantly battling between being perfect and being complete.

Who defines what it means to be “perfect”? To be perfect, I must cast aside all imperfections, even when they are authentic parts of me.  Somehow, perfection leaves me incomplete.

To be completely myself, I must somehow embrace all of myself, including my imperfections. As a result, I can never strive for perfection.

I invite you to strive for a life of excellence – aligned with their inner wisdom, in which they are masters of themselves, free to live authentically.

What would your life look like if your mind, heart, body and soul were living in excellence from a state of inner wisdom? How much more energy and vitality would be available if you aligned with your purpose and passions?

The Ditch the Diet Program!

I started off with the program Ditch the Diet & Face the Feelings. In this program, you use your relationship with food as a gauge, noticing your relationship with yourself (body, ego and true self).

As you listen to your body – hunger, desire, feelings & needs – you discover how to honour yourself in every other part of life.

  • Can you differentiate hunger from discomfort?
  • How do you face and address your feelings?

Working on something as simple as how you eat allows us to address patterns you are unaware of!

For most clients, overeating is a symptom – not the cause. So let’s dig deeper into your habits and thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns.

I’ve discovered I am not a diet or health coach, although your relationship with food can be an essential component of what we do! Food is merely a thermometer – what’s the temperature of your purpose and passion for life?

My holistic approach:

Vitality, inner wisdom & inner mastery

So, whether you are:

  • finally sick and tired of diets and exercise programs, and you simply want to learn a new way of living that is healthy, full of energy, and feels good on all levels;
  • headed towards burnout if you don’t make some radical changes in how you balance life’s responsibilities,
  • a professional that is struggling with work-life balance as you make a career move or start a family,
  • an entrepreneur that has neglected their well-being for the past twenty or thirty years as they’ve built their business and now suddenly is facing challenges in their health and/or relationships, or
  • looking to address those patterns and habits that keep interfering with having it all:

Our focus will be on healthy success in your life.

While I have more than twenty-five years of business and professional experience as a corporate lawyer advising in tax and corporate governance, my clients rely on my holistic view of life: emotional, mental, financial, physical & spiritual.

When any one of these is out of balance, it can also tip the rest out of balance.

Vitality: finding the fuel for the fire!

If you’re coming to me off the back of burnout and overwhelm, we’ll start with letting go.

  • What do we need to remove from your plate, so there’s room to add energising elements?
  • Where’s the energy, passion and purpose if you’re constantly procrastinating and feeling unmotivated?
  • If you’re living with indecision and self-sabotage, what’s going on internally?

I’ve lived for about twenty years with the fatigue of chronic illness. I can tell you that “pushing through” only works temporarily before your body breaks down and says “no more”.

I’ve learned to tap into my inner energy, where less is more, rather than trying to fill my plate!

What are you hungering for in your life?

How can we rebuild your inner energy, vitality and purpose?

Inner wisdom: planning the present to build the future

Tapping into your inner wisdom draws on your head, heart and gut (thoughts, feelings and that deep sense of identity and gut instinct), to help draw forth alignment for:

  • goal setting,
  • problem-solving,
  • time management or setting priorities,
  • managing a crisis or conflict situation,
  • gain clarity on a specific course of action,
  • walking through a decision-making process, or
  • preparing for an event or crucial conversation.

Can you imagine a life in which you have mastered how to tap into your inner wisdom – not relying on me to help you discover it, but experienced in how to tap into it for yourself? The process you’ll learn works for daily challenges and life events!

Inner mastery:

At your highest level, your self-awareness allows you to notice your patterns of thoughts, emotions and even subconscious responses in life. It’s about living from a place of emotional intelligence and managing your state (mental and emotional) to get the most out of life.

It’s learning that your personal reality reflects your personality (your patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are uniquely you), and choosing effective responses to life!

Others might say, “You’ve changed” as you choose to change these patterns.

If you want to indeed be the master of your destiny, you’ll want to reach this level of inner mastery!

Suggestions for getting started:

Introductory Call

If you haven’t spoken with me before, can I suggest you ask for an Introductory Call to kick things off? You can book it directly here. It’s a short call to see whether or not we might work together well: am I the right fit for your wants, desires, and needs? This call will be a conversation, not a coaching session, but it will include a brief experience of the type of session we would typically have.

Some clients want a one-off breakthrough session. Others are looking for Ho’oponopono – forgiveness & letting go of beliefs, pain & baggage. I incorporate both types of sessions in my coaching packages (as things arise), but they are also available to the client in single sessions for particular challenges.

If you want to discuss the Ditch the Diet & Face the Feelings program, please jump on an Introductory Call with me! These programs of coaching calls via Zoom (whether 3 or 6 months) include journal prompts, meditation suggestions, participation in the book club (optional), and access to me regularly throughout the week on messenger, Telegram, Signal, or MarcoPolo.

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Coaching Packages

Free Book Club
I regularly run free book clubs for those who want to join. A great way to get to know me.
No cost.

Introductory Call
Free 30-min call.
Do we have chemistry? Can we establish trust and build a relationship?
No cost.

Introductory Call

Letting Go
Using mBraining and Ho’oponopono. A 60-minute lesson in forgiveness & release. You will need to prepare beforehand. USD$250.00

Letting Go

Breakthrough Session
A 90-120 minutes breakthrough session to kick-start changes. USD$400.00


3-month package
Building self-awareness, making changes, and learning to live authentically! Up to 15 hours of coaching in 30 sessions. USD$3,500.00


6-month package
Not just creating the plan, and forging ahead on your life path, but facing the challenges & obstacles. Up to 30 coaching hours over 6 months.   USD$6,500.00


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Interested in reading client reviews of working with me? You can either read all of them on my Facebook page or simply click below.

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Do you need more information regarding the packages and prices I offer?

Introductory Call

Payment options for coaching:

I accept payment via PayPal, Stripe (credit card processing) or wire transfer directly to my account. We can discuss the easiest option for you, including the possibility of scheduled payments if you opt for a coaching package of three or six months.

My Schedule:

Calendly feeds directly into my Calendar and will send you a meeting request and a reminder the day beforehand. It also shows you appointment times in your time zone (as set on your computer, phone or tablet). As I become aware of commitments, I add these to my calendar and time is blocked off as unavailable. This means that I very rarely need to reschedule with a client.

Typically, you will see that the first week of every month has limited availability, as I keep that week free for travel, seminars and training opportunities.

I suggest you look at the times I typically have available for client appointments before you proceed with payment. This is one reason I recommend clients have an Introductory Call. That way, you ensure that the times I have available for regular calls work for your schedule and time zone.

Get to know me:

There are a couple of ways that you can get to know me in addition to grabbing an Introductory Call:

  1. Although I run a Power-of-Eight group (small groups holding intentions for another person for health, healing, and abundance), I don’t have any new openings. You can find more information on the Facebook Group “Practicing the Power of Eight”.
  2. Have a look at my Ditch the Diet panel discussions on YouTube.
  3. You could also join my book club – see the details below.
I run a book club, where we regularly are reading and commenting together from the book we are discussing. Some coaching inevitably happens in the weekly meetings (on Zoom) as we discuss what we learned and how we are applying this in our life. This is a great opportunity to get to know me better and experience my coaching style.