Appointment: booking your call

Please note that the appointment times given for your introductory call are in GMT-5 (EST in the winter and CDT through the summer).  Not sure what time that is in your city – try the Time Zone Converter.

Before you receive your confirmation for the Introductory Call, we will verify that you have completed the quiz.  If you haven’t already completed the quiz, please do this (below) before requesting the Zoom call or personal meeting.

For other appointments – please coordinate through your introductory call or reach out to me through the contact page if you have already had your introductory call and now want an appointment for:

Booking your appointment:

appointment, booking, call, online call, zoom, internet, facetime, messenger, phone, international, coordinate, confirmation, pending, reserved, coaching, coachAppointments are not available on Sundays – this is intentional – the same way I recommend to my clients to set boundaries for a happier life, this is one of my small boundaries (principally because I am sure you don’t want a 5-year old butting into the conversation and trying to coach you).

Most appointments are for mornings, or early afternoon, with the occasional spot available in the early evening. This accommodates people from Australiasia, Europe and the Americas.

Forgot to do the Taking Stock of your Life quiz?

set up an appointment, make an appointment, booking an appointment, need an appointment

I invite you to complete this free Quiz – Taking Stock of your Life.  It requires about 15-20 minutes (uninterrupted) of your time: it is thorough – looking deeply into your current fulfillment in your life.

There are also additional questions that you can journal about –  these will take you even deeper!

This “questionnaire” serves two purposes:

  1. It provides you with valuable feedback and can assist you in preparing for our introductory call. I realise you may not be sure what you want to focus on initially – this will help guide your thoughts and focus;
  2. You can start your growth process, without even speaking with me.

The results of the questionnaire will be presented on screen and emailed to you – something that you can take away before speaking with me! An opportunity to take a small step back and examine yourself – hold up a mirror and take a good look at yourself. How are you doing in these 7 distinct areas of your life?

1- Relationships
2- Career & Personal Development
3- Emotional / Mental / Spiritual Wellbeing
4- Physical well-being
5- Contribution & Paying it Forward
6- Wealth & Prosperity
7- Day-to-day responsibilities


Before you start  – There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to any of these questions. This is simply just a quick view at each area of your life.

In order to move on, you need to answer all of the multiple choice questions (responses 1-10).  However, you might choose to leave some of the answers to the long-answer questions for later, to journal or sit down and think over.

1= low / not where I would like to be
10 = high / acing it / exactly how I want to be

If you would prefer to download a PDF file, you can do this right here: Click here to download in PDF

On the other hand, if you prefer, like me, to do this online and have the computer tally up the scores and then send it to you by email:   Click here

I look forward to speaking with you.