Appointment: booking your call

Your options for an appointment that you will find on my Calendar are:

Duration Type Description
30-min Introductory Call see details of the Introductory Call
60-min Letting Go/Forgiveness Ho’oponopono, forgiveness and release
90-min Breakthrough
Inner Energy
see details of Breakthrough Sessions
Coaching sessions for 3-month and 6-month packages, which are coaching on the Inner Whispers of wisdom as well as what it takes to take your picture-perfect life from surviving to thriving!

I look forward to speaking with you.

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Most clients start with an introductory call (no cost & obligation-free) – so that we can meet over Zoom. On this call, we make sure that we are a match. If we are a match, and you want to go ahead with becoming a coaching client, we will discuss pricing, coordinate emailing the contract to you, and coordinate payment of the coaching sessions.  If you haven’t already had an introductory call, then I invite you to book a time below.

Booking your appointment:

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Appointments are not available on Sundays – this is intentional – the same way I recommend to my clients to set boundaries for a happier life, this is one of my small boundaries (principally because I am sure you don’t want a 6-year old butting into the conversation and trying to coach you).

Most appointments are for mornings (either before or after I run my Power of 8 groups), or early afternoon, with the occasional spot available in the evening. This accommodates people from Australia/New Zealand, Europe and the Americas. It is virtually impossible for me to accommodate clients from Asia/India, due to the 11-12 hour time differences.

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Client intake process:

1. Complete the online questionnaire: Taking Stock of your Life.

2. Hop on an Introductory Call – 30 minutes.
3. Review the Coaching Terms & Conditions.

4. Sign the Coaching Contract.
5. Make your payment via PayPal or Stripe.

6. Set up your appointment(s), up to a maximum of 6.
Free online questionnaire:
I hope you’ve taken advantage already of the questionnaire: “Taking Stock of Your Life“!  If not, I’m going to recommend that you do it before you we have our Introductory call – because some of the questions that I will ask presuppose you’ve done a little work prior to our call. Alternatively, if you are pushed for time, do the short version of the Life Wheel.

Complete your details (name & email) and press submit in order to download the Taking Stock of Your Life in PDF format - TakeStockPDF


Preparing your Contract

This is the information that I need to complete your Coaching Contract

Have you completed questionnaire "Taking Stock of your Life" & had your Introductory Call?
What type of coaching service?
How will you be paying?
What date do you expect the contract to start by?
Your full name
Your address: Street, City, State/Province, Zip Code, Country
Phone number(s)

To be completed in the coaching contract, but start thinking about this now: 

The results/outcomes/goals that the Client has established are:

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions so I can prepare and email to you the Coaching Contract.
Please set up a date & time for the Introductory Call. Once we've completed the above steps, you can go ahead and pay for the Coaching via PayPal, Stripe or sending me the funds directly to my account.


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