Appointment: booking your calls

Appointment: Start with an introductory call (no cost & obligation-free) – meeting online – using Zoom. On this call, we confirm we are a match and will work well together.

If we decide to establish a coaching relationship, we’ll discuss packages & pricing (all of this information is available online for you to look at in advance), coordinate signing a coaching contract and discuss payment options.

Even if you just want a one-off coaching session for Forgivness & Letting Go or a Breakthrough Session, I appreciate you making the time for an introductory call first to ensure that we are on the same wavelength.

Booking your appointment:

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I use Calendly for all my appointments, as this integrates seamlessly with my Calendar, and allows me to block out time when I am unavailable (accommodating other priorities in my life). So, if you book 2-3 weeks in advance, you can pretty much pick any time you like when I don’t already have standing commitments.

However, on a weekly basis, I will look ahead at my schedule, and schedule in my time off: so, if you book 2-3 days in advance, you might find that there isn’t a time you want available, because I already have an appointment or I’ve booked in some time with my daughter or friends.

Most appointments are for my mornings or early afternoons, with the occasional spot available in the evening. This accommodates people from Australia/New Zealand, Europe, and the Americas. It is virtually impossible for me to accommodate clients from Asia/India, due to the 11-12 hour time differences.

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Call options

Once you are already a client, then I have a number of different call options available.

The most common call durations are: 30, 60 or 90 minutes. However, in some cases I may ask you to book in for a 2-hour session, simply to ensure that if we take longer than 90 minutes, I don’t have back-to-back appointments and that you have allowed yourself enough time for processing after the call.

Duration Type Description
30-min Introductory Call see details of the Introductory Call
60-min Weekly coaching call Clients typically use 60-minute coaching calls for breakthroughs when they have a coaching package for multiple calls.
90-min Breakthrough
Forgiveness & Letting Go
I ask you book a 90-minute session for Ho’oponopono, forgiveness, and release. Typically, we are done in about an hour, but this is not always the case. So, I ask that you give yourself the gift of your time when you are looking to work on releasing something to be able to move on.

A typical Breakthrough SessionĀ is 90 to 120-minutes long.
Additionally, you will use 90-minute sessions when you have 3-month or 6-month coaching packages!

See available appointments

Client intake process:

1. Life Wheel: a quick look at where you’re at.

2. Introductory Call
3. Review the Coaching Terms & Conditions.

4. Sign the Coaching Contract.
5. Make your payment via PayPal or Stripe.

6. Set up your appointment(s), up to a maximum of 6.
Download Life Wheel

Complete your details (name & email) and press submit in order to download the Taking Stock of Your Life in PDF format - TakeStockPDF


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