Coaching package: transform your life in 3 months

If you genuinely want to transform your life, you’ll need to go within and discover your purpose and passion. It’s more than just being entertained by events and situations. This coaching package takes you deeper than engagement with your work and focusing on what you are doing. It allows you to find meaning and purpose in your life!

Your three-month coaching package: Over the next thirteen weeks, you get up to fifteen hours of one-to-one coaching, building self-awareness, discovering your passion and purpose, and building more meaning into your life!

How quickly do you want to progress?

I take a different approach to coaching clients: should you want to fast-track your progress, I am happy to accommodate you with two weekly sessions (subject to availability) for the first six weeks and then switch to bi-weekly sessions until we have completed the fifteen hours (maximum).

My coaching package is also flexible as it allows you to choose a 90-minute call one week, followed by a 30-minute call the next for accountability on your progress.

On the other hand, you may choose to progress with weekly calls throughout the three months.

There is also the possibility of having one or more sessions with another coach so that you get the benefits of alternative modalities (like expression and discovery through art).

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Additional support

In addition to these coaching sessions, you will have access to me through your choice of support:

  • Signal or Telegram
  • Marco Polo
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email

I expect you to take action between sessions.

As we wrap up each session, I will ask you what you are committed to over the coming days. We start the next session by discussing your steps in moving forward.

This accountability ensures that you take strides forward in action during the three months of coaching rather than merely learning and gaining insight. You will learn a lot about self-awareness. Patterns of behaviour, feelings and beliefs you overlooked or ignored will become apparent.

But it’s not enough to just become aware of the patterns. Your commitment is to change and take action.

Journal Prompts, Meditations & Mindfulness

I also prepare tailored journal prompts for some clients, allowing you to digest the process.  We will discuss these at the end of the session, and I will then send them to you by email as a reminder. Of course, you have to do the journaling. I can’t do the work for you.

Ideally, you will also do daily breathwork exercises, allowing you to practice quietening your mind and focusing on your bodily experience from the heart, gut and even your nervous system.

What you achieve: you internalise the changes and the methods of bringing about change in your life. The journal exercises and new habits empower you to advance when you aren’t in the coaching environment.

You take away these new habits and ways of being long after you’ve finished your coaching sessions with me!

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My calendar

As you will see in my calendar, I typically have a couple of days (the last days of the month or the first days of the next) blocked out as “not available”.

Apart from that, book your sessions as best suit you. You might choose to have a fixed time/days some weeks. Other weeks, you may appreciate the flexibility of being able to work around your schedule.

Coaching package – your payment options:

Stripe Payment
You can pay online with Stripe the full amount of US$3,500.00 using your Credit Card details.
PayPal Payment
Alternatively, you can also pay through PayPal the full amount of US$3,500.00.
PayPal Scheduled Payments
Finally, if you are not able to pay the total amount in a single payment, I have an option for scheduled payments in PayPal, for a total of US$3,750.00.

There is also an option to wire transfer the funds to my account. I will provide these details by email if you choose this payment option. Please let me know during the Introductory Call.

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Client intake process:

1. Complete the online questionnaire: Taking Stock of your Life.

2. Hop on an Introductory Call – 30 minutes.
3. Review the Coaching Terms & Conditions.

4. Sign the Coaching Contract.
5. Make your payment via PayPal or Stripe.

6. Set up your appointment(s), up to a maximum of 6.

Taking Stock of Your Life:

Free online questionnaire:
I hope you’ve taken advantage already of the questionnaire: “Taking Stock of Your Life“!  If not, I’m going to recommend that you do it before we have our Introductory call – because some of the questions I will ask presuppose you’ve done a little work before our call. Alternatively, do the short version of the Life Wheel if you are pushed for time.

Complete your details (name & email) and press submit in order to download the Taking Stock of Your Life in PDF format - TakeStockPDF


Make your payment for the coaching package:

There is also an option to wire transfer the funds to my account. I will provide these details by email, if you choose this payment option. Please let me know during the Introductory Call.