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25 authentic questions to evaluate yourself this year

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The new year is approaching, and it’s time to look back and take stock of how far you’ve come, planning your goals for the future. Before you start your vision board or planning, here are 25 authentic questions to ask yourself:

Five authentic questions on vision and purpose:

  1. Have I clearly defined for myself my vision and purpose?
  2. Did I set clear goals for myself at the beginning of this year and make a plan for this year to fulfil these goals?
  3. Was I persistent in following my dreams through to completion?
  4. When my plans met with failure, did I regroup and adopt a new method to fulfil my vision and purpose?
  5. Did I use my vision and purpose to help me make effective decisions, aligning my decision-making with my priorities?

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, and this you will become, Anonymous quote

Achieving your goals requires an alignment of your actions with your vision.

Your decision-making process and goal-setting should reflect what is truly important to you. To live authentically, prioritise your goals and objectives daily. Reassess your goals: take stock of where you are and tweak your plans accordingly.

Questions on personal development and authentic growth:

  1. Do I like who I am becoming? Have I been intentional about my personal development?
  2. What have I learned this year, whether through study or experience?
  3. What new habits have I acquired that help me build my desired life? What is one new practice that will help transform my lifestyle?
  4. How have I aligned my personal development with being authentically me?
  5. In what area of my life do I need greater self-mastery? Have I been tenacious in the pursuit of my dream life?

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways, Robert Greene quotes, priorities, self-mastery, personal development

Know thyself: get clear on the fundamentals of your success. What are your plans and goals that allow you to be authentic?

It starts with self-awareness: an inventory of where you are in the present moment. Then make a plan for your personal development and growth. Define success for yourself. What is your definition? Then choose the habits and skills that will allow you to grow authentically.

Ask yourself this: Managing your time and energy.

  1. Where attention goes, energy flows. Have I dissipated my energy through a lack of concentration and attention?
  2. Have I procrastinated in making any decisions, making it harder to get started and take action? How can I get greater clarity on my values and purpose to make decision-making easier?
  3. Have I budgeted my time and energy according to my values, goals and vision? Does my schedule reflect my priorities?
  4. How much time have I devoted to “being busy” rather than focusing on what is truly important to me?
  5. In what activities am I wasting my time instead of investing it? What is one small change I could make in investing my time and energy to give me better returns?

It’s how we spend our time here and now, that really matters. If you are fed up with the way you have come to interact with time, change it, Marcia Wieder quotes, prioritise goals, time management, planning your goals, authentic life, living authentically

Authentic people are intentional about where they invest their time and energy. Understand the importance of prioritising your goals, and ensure that you pour your time and energy into these activities.

Your inner circle: networking and authentic relationships

  1. Does my inner circle support my vision and goals? Have I created for myself an influential support network?
  2. Do the relationships I am building and cultivating reflect my values and what is important to me?
  3. Am I investing my time and energy in building stronger relationships with people that matter to me?
  4. When was the last time I did an inventory of my meaningful relationships? Does my schedule reflect the importance of these relationships to me?
  5. How can I have more meaningful conversations that build authentic relationships? Am I open-minded and accepting in connecting with others where they are? How can I listen more attentively?

Your truth tends to determine the people you attract and those within your inner circle. If you are not attracting the right people, examine the truth you are sharing, Jeffrey G. Duarte, authentic relationships, your inner circle, support network,

To truly enjoy success, you will need support. There is great wisdom in asking the right people for advice and constructive criticism. No matter how smart or prepared you may be, no one succeeds alone.

Remember: Don’t take criticism from anyone that you wouldn’t ask for advice!

Many nay-sayers would like to define success for you. If you want to love your authentic life, have the wisdom to know who to let into your inner circle! Not everyone should get access to your inner thoughts.

Well-being: have I supported myself fully?

  1. How have I taken care of myself this year to have the energy and health to focus on my goals and dreams?
  2. Does my level of fitness reflect the lifestyle I wish to have?
  3. Does my health allow me to enjoy success, or is my success solely measured professionally and financially?
  4. Do I need to reassess my goals to include mental, emotional and physical wellness?
  5. Am I listening to my body and inner wisdom when I set my goals and priorities?

Don't let life stand in the way of your dreams, your health and wellbeing, Tom Meyers, authentic questions, health and wellness, the life of your dreams,

Life is best lived from the inside out: when you are healthy and well within, your life will reflect this.

Make sure your goals and dreams prioritise your well-being.

Moving forward: building your authentic life

Use these 25 questions to assess your progress so far, then build your vision board and goals for the next twelve months based on what you might change.  Allow yourself the opportunity to ensure that your daily choices align with what’s important to you.


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