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Radical Forgiveness bookclub: how to do the inner healing

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A new book club group kicks off in early July. We will be reading Colin Tipping’s “Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships – Let Go of Anger & Blame – Find Peace in Any Situation”.

What to expect in our book club:

As the book has 30 chapters, we will be meeting over ten weeks and discussing three chapters each week. You should read in advance and come ready for the discussion. Join us for the meeting if you still get behind in the reading.

Skim reading is also an option when you’re running late!

As with all of my book club discussions, our discussion of Radical Forgiveness will not just be about “What did you learn?”. The most significant debate will be “How are you applying what you learned in your life and relationships?“.

All knowing is doing!

And that’s the natural beauty of what happens in my book club discussion groups! We don’t just learn together. We put it into practice and discuss the ups and downs.

Radical Forgiveness: the details

We are meeting on Wednesdays, with two times available.

Radical Forgiveness, Colin Tipping, book club, discussions, heal relationships, let go of anger, inner peace,

The earlier option allows readers in the UK and Europe to join us.

Radical Forgiveness book club, bookclub, Colin Tipping, Divine purpose, freedom, peace, inner mastery,

This second option is later for those in the Americas but is also open to those in New Zealand and the eastern side of Australia (my apologies to those in Perth).

The start date is Wednesday – July 6th. It will run for ten weeks, finishing the first week of September. It’s okay to miss a week or two if you are on summer holidays.

If you miss a week or get behind on the reading – skip ahead. Catch up with the chapters we are discussing, then go back to what you missed.

We do not RECORD these sessions – to ensure the privacy of the discussions!

Cost: almost free (purchase Radical Forgiveness yourself)

  1. You need to buy the book!
  2. Your time and effort: reading weekly and then showing up for the discussion.

So, you see, while I’m not charging you for it – you will have to invest time and money to take advantage of this!

I believe you can purchase the book on Amazon – it is available on Kindle and Audible if you prefer to listen to it. I always like the book in my hands – and it’s underlined with messy notes in the margins! But that’s me.

For more information, join my Facebook group for the book club. It has the times, and each week I will post the details of which chapters we are reading and occasionally post my favourite quotes.

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You can join us on Facebook:

Forgiveness, Ho’oponopono and letting go

Just a reminder that I also offer one-to-one coaching sessions on Forgiveness and Letting Go.

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