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mBraining – heart, head & gut

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As a life coach — well, okay… as an #mBIT coach with mBraining — you will hear me talk ad nauseum about your compassion, creativity, and courage.

I am forever asking questions, such as:

  • How do you feel?
  • What emotions arise for you in this area?
  • How do you connect with your dreams & desires?
  • When you are quiet and sitting in silence, what do you truly want?
  • What do you really think about this?
  • Can you imagine or visualize options & alternatives?
  • Who are you –  really, truly, deeply?
  • And how is this reflected in what you do?

And all of these questions stem from my desire to inspire you to reach the highest expression of your inner wisdom.

Because – I want to see other people thriving!

I know what surviving feels like – just existing, and trying to ignore the emptiness inside.

Tapping into my intelligence centers - head, heart & gut, I am led to the right path and right decision at all times. I trust that wisdom will emerge, as I express myself with compassion, creativity & courage. mBraining – 3 “brains”:

When I reconnected with my passions and purpose in life, it took me a while to stop thinking about myself. Once I was over this, I started asking “what can I do so others to reach this place as well?

In mBraining, we study three primary intelligence centers (brains) in the body.

A brain is defined as having several types of neurons, motor neurons, sensory neurons, interneurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells.

The heart has a complex intrinsic neural network sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a ‘brain’ in its own right. Likewise, the neural networks of the gut qualify as the enteric brain. And obviously, we all know we have a brain in our head – the cephalic brain.

Unfortunately, school and university typically focus only on the accumulation of knowledge, analysis, and logical thinking.  Connection, feelings & empathy receive much less attention.  And “gut instinct” is pretty much ignored.  “Know Thyself” – yeah, that’s written in the temple of Apollo – is it still relevant today?

Know Thyself:

Many of us work in companies and environments where the company proudly displays the “values”, “mission” and “vision statement”.  But how often do you find that all employees are aligned with those values, mission & vision in their day-to-day work and operations?  When obstacles arise in a company, are these values and mission statement even referred to in the problem-solving process? Are the decisions made in times of crisis coherent with those stated values?

How about in your personal life?

Don’t be like Clod!

Have you taken the time to identify your core values – the ones that you might want to have mentioned in your epitaph or obituary?

S/he was:

What should that say?  How would you like people to describe you?

You hold these values in your heart! You will need to ensure that your thoughts and actions align with them – but the place to find them is in your heart.  Unfortunately, most of us suffer from a kind of cognitive dissonance – because we know what our values are – but our thoughts and actions fail to align with them!

This is one of the great reasons to do some coaching with an mBraining coach!


Lead from the heart, wisdom, compassion, desires, instinct, intelligence, analysis, decision-makingWe always start with the heart – with your self-love and compassion.  What do you want & desire? How do you wish to live & lead your life?  How are you connecting with others – your loved ones, your social and family networks? Eventually, we work our way to the highest expression of your heart – compassion – for yourself and for others.

From there, we move up into your thoughts – because thoughts and perceptions create how we respond or react to the situation or people!  If we judge them – we build barriers that separate “us” from “them”.  How you perceive or define a situation or obstacle may limit how you find or investigate a solution.  So, we will analyse your ideas, perceptions, imagination & visualization of solutions – and search for the highest expression of this – your creativity!

As we ensure that all the ideas that we have come up with as a plan or solution are aligned with your wants and compassion – we will dive deep into your identity, needs, and concerns regarding security and safety.  At this stage, we will allow fears and anxieties to surface – so that they can be addressed (instead of ignored).  If you are reacting with flight, fight or freeze (withdrawal or avoidance) to any situation – we will consider compassionate solutions to the situation, so that you identify a solution that works fully for you!  When we have completed our work with the gut-brain, you will feel courageous about implementing and putting into action your creative solutions to your heart’s desires.


So, with a coaching client, I provide:

  • a framework
  • questions
  • tools
  • accountability

The client will arrive at their own place of discovering, identifying & aligning

  • values
  • dreams
  • goals
  • strategies
  • priorities &
  • steps

Through this, the client is empowered to take charge of their:

  • responsibilities
  • relationships
  • resources
  • vision &
  • future

And together, we work through the obstacles that arise in this process – which may be limiting beliefs, habits or experiences that have been holding them back from achieving the results that they dream of!

And, without a doubt – to get to this place – the client will have firmly come to understand compassion, creativity and courage!

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