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Playing small? Not any more!

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I'm done with playing small, just so that others can feel comfortable, playing small.  I’ve done “poor me”… but I am all done with “poor me”.  I’ve stopped dreaming and striving for great when someone has said: “now you’re scaring me“. But no more. No more playing small.

I stopped studying when others told me that I didn’t need any more degrees to hang on the wall. Then I realised that it wasn’t the certificates on the wall that truly fulfilled me.

I stopped building my business when others told me it was getting too big.

I stopped personal development when “they” told me I should just recognise my limitations.

No more.

I’m done with playing small, just so that others can feel comfortable.  

But most importantly, I’m done with living looking at my naval.

I’ve started looking up and out.  At how I can use all my skills, learning, talents and wisdom to help others become their best selves!

Expectations & boundaries

I’ve been in that place where I was busy trying to live up to other people’s expectations.  Where I was miserably exhausted by just trying to keep my head above water, without looking after myself.

Each day I danced to a different tune, as I tried to play second fiddle to people in my life, helping them to reach their goals while putting myself aside.  Failing to perform on my stage.  And always feeling that I wasn’t good enough.

Then, one day, I decided I was ready to let it all go… just release everything that I was trying to carry and juggle.  And let it all fall down.  And guess what – yes, some things got broken. But life continued. This wasn’t the end.


I gave myself time and space to look at all the pieces of my life and decide what pieces I wanted to carry.  And then I sat down and spent some serious time looking at the future, and deciding upon the future that I was willing to invest my time and energy into building! Did I want to continue playing small – making myself less so that I wouldn’t disrupt others?

I spent time evaluating my values — and comparing those to the person that was showing up each day.  Am I living by those values? Who is showing up each day?

I sat down with my head, heart and gut, and we had some serious conversations about creativity, compassion and courage.  We talked about thoughts, feelings and needs. What did I imagine, what did I desire and what did I identify with?I spent time charting the different areas of my life:

  • financial
  • relationships
  • careers & education
  • spiritual
  • health & well-being
  • legacy & giving back


And I even looked at the fine print & routine responsibilities — taking a full inventory of my life.

I sat down with my head, heart, and gut, and we had some serious conversations about creativity, compassion, and courage.  We talked about thoughts, feelings, and needs. What did I imagine, what did I desire and what did I identify with?

And then I took all those pieces, and I started building!  The life that I wanted — with intention.  From the ashes and broken pieces.  From exhaustion to a life with energy and intention.


THIS… is when it starts to get interesting: when you finally have clarity of where you are and where you want to be.

Only then do you get a chance to make a difference!

The person that will change your life is you! Stop playing smallTransformation & change

The person that will change your life is you! You can choose whether you want to continue playing small.

  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How will you get it?

What do you want to have? be? do? create?

As I coach, my role is to provide you with wisdom, guidance, empowerment & accountability.  I will provide you with tools to help you identify what is important to you.  I will probably ask uncomfortable questions, that make you rethink what you believe and thought to be true.

Through this effort and investment, you will move out of your comfort zone and jump into the bigger life that you know you are capable of living!


I’ve taken the ten years of learning and training in coaching, mentoring, time management, meditation, mindfulness, leadership transformation, NLP, mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques), & spiritual growth – and turned it into a program that others can benefit from as well.  Even the skills that I learned in Waikato law school (New Zealand), ADR (alternative dispute resolution) & active listening — learning how to ask the right questions — were 20 years of training grounds for sharpening my intuition and skills for helping others.

How can I help you realise your dreams?

A wealth of information is available to me at all times -and I use this information wisely, following my dreams, building my life.

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