Life coach: take that picture perfect life to thriving

What brought you here, looking for something more? What motivates you to hire a life coach and consider the road of growth with guidance?

Perhaps from the outside, looking in, everything in your life is picture-perfect.

You probably have the life others dream of. But if you’re here, it’s probably because you realise that the image others have of you isn’t enough. Were success and happiness meant to feel this way?  What’s missing?

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Where are you looking to expand and grow – to take another step – make your comfort zone into something bigger and better?

Life challenges that lead us to hire a life coach:

Too cautious
Often, we tread forward  tentatively, unsure of what the next right step forward is. Is this my path?

Are you scared to upset the apple cart?

When you’re too cautious, you are

  • Plagued by doubts
  • Reminded of previous missteps
  • Listening to that inner critic pointing out what you do wrong
  • Driven by fear, instead of self-confidence
  • People-pleasing: influenced by “their” expectations. You promise yourself that later you will make time pursue your dreams
Tired? Exhausted? Burnt out?

One of the challenges of a picture-perfect life is acknowledging it lost its magic and we don’t know how to get it back. If you are juggling too many things, you might be scared that stepping up will tip the scales. Will you drop all those things you struggle to keep in the air?

Spoiler alert:
While you may be exhausted, tired and recognise that you risk burnout, unless you make real changes, things will continue exactly as they are. If you knew how to effectively make these changes and juggle your responsibilities and expectations, you would already have done it. Are you ready to ask for help?
Lacking Clarity:
What do you need to clarify?

Is this the step that will take me to where I want to be? We confuse problem-solving with decision-making: when we foresee and overthink the problems ahead, we fail to make a decision. Sometimes the way forward is first to decide, and then focus on overcoming the obstacles.

While your family & friends love you, they might not want to see you change. A change that you make in your life will have ripples that affect everyone around you. Most people are afraid of changes, even when change is constant and inevitable. Are the people in your life holding onto certainty and holding you back?

Step up into your challenge!

Beth Gray, Coach, inspiring women to thrive beyond their comfort zone
Beth Gray, mBIT Coach: helping you take that picture-perfect life from surviving to thriving

Possibly, you are simply looking for someone to challenge you to step up and into becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

That’s where coaching can give you clarity and refine your sense of purpose! Once you have that clarity, you can create an action plan and the steps that will effectively move you forward. You can clarify your priorities and what you hold dear, allowing you to focus your attention and energy where it is needed the most.

Perhaps, most importantly, you can regain a sense of inner control and being the master of your destiny, rather than rocked by the winds and waves.


I will ask what price you are prepared to pay, and I’m not talking about my fees here.

 The life you want will possibly cost you the life you have – the one that looks picture perfect but is keeping you exhausted. 

To become the person you want to become, you will have to lose the person that you were and leave them behind.

If you are ready to move forward,
please complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this page,
and request your appointment for an introductory call!

Introductory Call

a picture-perfect life, enviable, successful, anxious, burnt out, struggling, keeping up appearances, living up to expectations

I know you are able.

So far, you have survived 100% of whatever life has thrown at you.  And you have not only survived – you have succeeded! You have past successes under your belt.

Perhaps your day-to-day life has gotten a little chaotic and overwhelming.  Maybe you got so busy living up to other people’s expectations that you lost yourself.  And you’ve forgotten how to thrive beyond your comfort zone!

Now is the time to draw out a blank sheet of paper, and intentionally re-design your life.

Feeling stuck?

Most of my clients are strong, capable & creative. They have a proven track record, at least in one area of their life, where others look up to them.  And yet, secretly, they acknowledge that something is missing.

It’s time to discover yourself, feeling your emotions instead of numbing them, and living life to the fullest.  A life that allows your empathy and spirituality to play prime roles, connecting with everything on a spiritual level.

I invite you to dare to have it all:
Foster your health and well-being, while at the same time pursuing your dreams of abundance and prosperity in every sense of the word: wealth, health, happiness, peace, harmony, joy, and love.

To gain clarity, I will dare to question your thinking. I challenge you to step up – become the best version of you.

Are you ready to restart, reset and build the habits that will keep you going?

Together, we can make space and set aside time to look at the different areas of your life, understanding that there will always be competing priorities and passions.

These can be weaved together in balance and harmony to build a life that you love.  To build a new life, where you grow, where you are strong, and where you feel peace because your heart is balanced.
You no longer feel torn and overwhelmed.

Instead, you advance with a clear vision of the life that you want. You build a plan that will get you there.  Finally, we build accountability to make it happen. Know that you have guidance and empowerment to complete it.

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Life coach reviews

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bluedotsHow do you get started?

Complete the Questionnaire “Taking Stock of your Life”, which you can download as a PDF onto your computer. There is also an online version of the Questionnaire if you want, although I have discovered most clients prefer the PDF version.

Complete your details (name & email) and press submit in order to download the Taking Stock of Your Life in PDF format - TakeStockPDF


Once you have completed the Life Balance Quiz, please go ahead and set up your introductory call through Appointments.