Life coach: take that picture perfect life from surviving to thriving

Why do you need a life coach when you have a picture-perfect life? Probably because you aren’t feeling the inner peace, that sense of success and wellbeing that everyone else seems to think you have. There’s a gnawing feeling that you are inauthentic and you are growing tired of the treadmill you’re running on to keep up appearances.

Perhaps from the outside, it is picture-perfect. You have the life others only dream of:

  • professional success
  • a home
  • people that need you and love you.

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But are you happy and satisfied?

The image others have of you isn’t the whole picture. You may tell yourself it’s selfish to suggest something’s missing.

Perhaps you do fine while you keep up with your routine, the diet, the exercise and the self-care plan. Then something comes up. And it all seems to fall apart.

But you continue to struggle in silence.

And if you’re a helper, it’s ten times worse: life has taught you to be there for others, but never to ask for help! So far, you’ve always figured things out on your own.

It’s not just the diet and body image that you struggle with: it’s also the feeling of emptiness. Always looking for happiness, yet never quite achieving it!

You see other people with inner peace, living life according to their own values and defining what success means for them. But what about you?

Who is in control of your life? When you slip up: do you eat your feelings, stuff them down, and hide them away? Always the trooper that never misses a beat and keeps everyone else going, no matter how exhausted or depleted you are.

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Maybe it’s time to ditch the diet (the external rules that you are living by) and start to face the feelings (live from the inside out!).

What will Ditching the Diet do for you?

Life is not just a bunch of rules
Are you scared to upset the apple cart?

What happens if you stop living by the rules that others have made for you: expectations, limitations, diet, exercise regime, schedule and priorities?

Who convinced you that you are not trustworthy? When you stop following the rules: does it all fall apart?

  • Perhaps you aren’t enough.
  • Maybe your inner critic reminds you of all missteps you’ve taken so far: “you’re doing it wrong.”
  • Are your decisions driven by fear, instead of self-confidence?
  • People-pleasing: influenced by “their” expectations. You promise yourself that later you will make time to pursue your dreams.
  • Life has just become a bunch of rules that others impose, just like your diet & exercise routine.
Face the Feelings: all the feelings

Are you feeling tired, exhausted or even burnt out?

One of the challenges of a picture-perfect life is acknowledging it lost its magic, and you don’t know how to get it back. If you are juggling too many things, you might be scared that stepping up will tip the scales. Will you drop all those things you struggle to keep in the air?

Spoiler alert:
While you may be exhausted, tired and recognise that you risk burnout, unless you make real changes, things will continue as they are. If you knew how to make these changes and juggle your responsibilities and expectations, you would already have done it. Are you ready to ask for help?

I coach my clients on what life looks like when you begin to live from the inside out: face the feelings, make sense of them. Then, you can choose new actions.

Get clarity:
What do you want? Ask yourself: Are the steps I am taking, leading where I want to be?

If you feel frozen: have you confused problem-solving with decision-making? It’s easy to foresee, then overthink, the problems ahead. You fail to decide because you don’t know how you will overcome the obstacles. In the meantime, you keep on keeping on.

How many times will you try “a new diet” or a new schedule or a new set of rules made by others (externally), before you are ready to recognise that YOU are the person that is the only expert in your life?

You could take their advice “under advisement”. Even diet and health advice can become guidelines, rather than rules.

You choose. It’s your life and your responsibility.

Beth Gray, Coach, inspiring women to thrive beyond their comfort zone
Ditch the Diet & Face the Feelings: take that picture-perfect life from surviving to thriving.


While your family & friends love you, do they want you to change?

A change that you make in your life will have ripples that affect everyone around you. Most people are afraid of changes, even when change is constant and inevitable. Are the people in your life holding onto certainty and asking you to hold back?

Step up into your challenge!

 Become the best version of yourself by living from the inside out. 

Why you need a life coach: Face the Feelings!

In ditch the diet & face the feelings, you’ll address how you honour and respect yourself. Your relationship with food will simply be the thermometer we use to measure the temperature of your self-respect and compassion.

Coaching provides clarity, so you refine your sense of purpose! Once you have that clarity, you create the plan, choosing the steps that will effectively move you forward. What are your priorities and reasons for wanting picture-perfect health? If you didn’t use food to supplant your emotions, what would you face and make decisions about? On this journey, you choose where to focus your attention and energy. Where is it most needed in your life?

Most important of all: you regain a sense of inner control and being the master of your destiny.


I will ask what price you are prepared to pay, and I’m not talking about my fees here.

The life you want will possibly cost you the life you have – the one that looks picture perfect but keeps you exhausted.

To become the person you desire to be, you may lose the person you were, allowing room to grow.

Once you learn compassion for yourself, you can live that from the inside out!


If you are ready to move forward,
ask for a discovery call.

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I know you are able!

So far, you have survived 100% of whatever life has thrown at you. You’ve kept to diets in the past and reached your goals. You have not only survived – you have succeeded! You have past successes under your belt.

Perhaps your day-to-day life has gotten a little chaotic and overwhelming.  Maybe you got so busy living up to other people’s expectations that you lost yourself.  Without even noticing, you stopped taking care of yourself and started just to follow rules.

Now is the time to draw out a blank sheet of paper and intentionally re-design your life.

If you are feeling stuck: how could a life coach help?

Most of my clients are strong, capable & creative. They have a proven track record, at least in one area of their life, where others look up to them.  And yet, secretly, they acknowledge that something is missing.

It’s time to discover yourself, feeling your emotions instead of numbing them, and living life to the fullest.  A life that allows your empathy and spirituality to play principal roles, connecting with heart, body & soul.

I invite you to dare to have it all:
Foster your health and well-being, while at the same time pursuing your dreams of abundance and prosperity in every sense of the word: wealth, health, happiness, peace, harmony, joy, and love.

Are you ready to restart, reset and build the habits that will keep you going?

Yes – your relationship with food will be a thermometer. But you know, as I do, that food is not the problem. It’s merely a symptom of what is going on in life that you have failed to address on a deeper level!

Together, we can make space and set aside time to look at the different areas of your life, understanding that there will always be competing priorities and passions.

These can be weaved together in balance and harmony to build a life that you love.  To build a new life, where you grow, where you are strong, and where you feel peace because your heart is balanced.
You no longer feel torn and overwhelmed.

Instead, you advance with a clear vision of the life that you want. You build a plan that will get you there.  Finally, we build accountability to make it happen. Know that you have guidance and empowerment to complete it.

If you are ready to move forward,
ask for an introductory call!

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If you are ready to move forward,
ask for an introductory call!

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