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Life coach: listen to the inner whispers of wisdom

You don’t need a life coach to tap into the voice of your spirit and soul.

But how adept are you at listening to the small, still voice of inner wisdom? Likely, you’re better acquainted with the harsh words and criticisms of your inner critic.

Those times you tapped into your inner wisdom, you felt quiet, calm certainty; an inner knowing that you are taking the next right step forward.

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There’s magic when you tap into the inner stillness, lost below the tumult of feelings and emotions that have long been suppressed, waiting for you to pay attention.

  • Too busy with a hectic schedule that leaves no room to breathe?
  • Overwhelmed and lost in myriad activities that no longer fill you with joy?
  • Have you lost touch with the meaning and purpose behind what you were creating?
  • Burnt out and looking at the vast desert of what was your perfect, idyllic life?
  • Want to get off the treadmill you call life and rebuild your relationships, health and dreams?
  • Just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It’s time to take responsibility for your inner reality and the outer world that mirrors that reality!

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Alignment: taking the next right step forward

The kingdom of your life is a mirror of your spirit and soul:

  • If it feels barren, look within and see the void that needs to be filled. That inner void cannot be filled by keeping busy, eating, exercising, building a business, socialising, or chasing love and excitement. Your well-being is an inside job. 
  • When you feel attacked or overwhelmed, look at your inner boundaries. What treasures and values have you failed to protect?
  • If relationships feel harsh and devouring, where have you overlooked compassion for yourself?

All it takes is one step in any direction to move away from where you are right now.

  • If you’re stuck in the arid desert where your passion for life has dried up, let’s move towards the oasis and refill your self-care cup. Tap back into your spirit, where you feel alive with purpose. And take the first step in that direction.
  • When you’re stuck in your comfort zone and feel like you’ve stopped growing, let’s look at the signposts of the next summit to climb. Where should you carve out a path that gives greater meaning and satisfaction to your life?
  • If you fear chaos and feel you’ve lost control of life, let’s learn to surrender and trust the process while taking full responsibility for your results.

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When your health, career or business, finances, relationships, and general happiness flourish, it reflects your inner wholeness. 

Life coaching: learning to listen

The whole purpose of learning to listen to the inner whisper is to choose new ways of being in the world. First, you listen, and then you choose how to respond.

Listening is a catalyst to change: choosing to take action.

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When you know your purpose and have clarity about what is truly important to you, it’s easier to stay centred and assertive. Focus your inner energy and vitality so that it overflows into all areas of your life: health, relationships, career – what you value the most.
Live with spirit!

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Learn to live with generative wisdom: making decisions (big and small) from a place of alignment. You don’t have to choose to follow your heart or listen to your gut to the exclusion of rational thinking. Instead, allow yourself to listen to the inner whispers of all parts and live with inner alignment.

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Master your self-awareness to create a space between the stimuli of the world and your response. Inner mastery is learning to rewire your brain (neural networks) so that you can master how you show up in life!
First, you listen. Then, you respond.
Be the best version of yourself.

You can find out more information regarding the prices for coaching packages here: Coaching packages & prices.

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Meet Beth Gray, Life Coach

mBIT Coaching for alignment of your

  • head (thoughts, beliefs and creativity),
  • heart (feelings, connection and what’s held in your heart), and
  • gut (instinct, deep sense of self, and motivation to move forward).

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